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but that doesn't deter or stop the gunmen from shooting. what's just as stunning is the response from the teenager 15 feet away from the gunman. he doesn't run, hide or duck as if it's just another day in oakland. fearing retaliation, the driver who captured this video doesn't want to show his face but says through a translator, the shooting reflects the lawlessness in parts of oakland. >> i was scared to death. i feel unsafe to live in oakland. >> reporter: it happened wednesday morning at the intersection of 23rd avenue and east 23rd street. a working class neighborhood in east oakland. councilman >> it's disturbing and alarming this continues every day. >> reporter: he believes bad guys are getting more reckless because oakland officials won't let cops be more aggressive. last month we showed you the shootout on high street. the guy if the white shirt was
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running and gunning with other people. caught in the crossfire a 7- year-old boy. police identified the gunman in the white shirt but didn't arrest him. the district attorney said he was returning fire so it was self-defense. guy yoes says it's that kind of inaction that emboldens the bad guy leaving the average person hopeless. >> we need to take the guns. you have to stop, question, search people and remove the guns. >> reporter: the driver showed the dashcam video to his neighbor and the neighbor said, those are the same two guys who robbed him at gunpoint over the weekend. liz? >> no kidding. well, that video is incredible. i'm curious, da, how are police responding to this? >> reporter: a police officer went to see video. he didn't take a copy of the video. he said he would check out the intersection and see if he can find those two individuals.
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and that's the last we heard. >> thank you. his court appearance barely lasted five minutes but know those brief moments, one very important revelation about the man called a person of interest in the death of federal investigator sandra coke. randy alana was required by law to stay away from her p this was as close as our cameras could get to randy alana this morning. when he arrived by bus from the santa rita jail. no video was allowed inside the high security courtroom. where he appeared for a parole hearing. >> the parole agent has filed a petition alleging that he has violated certain terms and conditions of his parole. >> reporter: among those violations, not charging the gps tracking device he was required to wear as a registered high risk sex offender. absconding from parole and resisting arrest. but while alana has not been charged in connection to sandra coke's death, we now know that one condition of his parole
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specifically involved the murdered federal investigator. >> the parole agent has alleged that that's a violation, that he was -- that was a term and condition of his parole not to have contact with her. >> reporter: in fact, the judge described it as numerous contacts which only adds to a growing list of questions. why did alana's parole guidelines specifically involve coke? what was the nature of their contacts prior to her disappearance and death? and why was alana arrested at this oakland motel on may 9th only to be released as little as 34 days later less than two months before the night coke disappeared? >> information during the investigation was developed that randy alana and sandra coke were seen later that evening. >> now, most of the documents that could shed more light on all of this are sealed. it's because the investigation into coke's death is still in the hands of oakland police. no indication as to when the case will be handed over to the district attorney's office. accused serial killer
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joseph naso says he is the victim. today he offered final arguments in his trial for the murders of four women in northern california. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the unusual scene in the courtroom as naso made his case to the jury. >> it's one of the most surreal things i have ever seen in a courtroom. >> reporter: as rare as serial killer murder trials go, it's even more rare to have the defendant represent himself. we could not record his closing argument. but former prosecutor steven clark heard it. he said at first naso came off as smart and soft-spoken someone incapable of such crimes. >> what you're seeing is a man who is very disarming. he's engaging. but i think the prosecution is going to suggest that's what makes him so dangerous. >> reporter: naso is accused of killing four prostitutes from 1977 to 1994 by luring them to photography sessions and then would strangle them and dump their bodies. naso argued the prosecution has tried to mislead and confuse the jury and perhaps even
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tamper with evidence. >> so far, he has not explained one thing other than to demean the prosecution's case and their experts. >> reporter: in some cases, naso added more incriminating facts the jury did not know, like picking up 1993 victim pamela parsons as a hitchhiker. naso says he is no killer. >> he is coming off as an ego maniac who knows more than everyone else and i don't think that's the way you want to come off in a capital case when you're the person charged with four murders. >> reporter: ryan takeo combination. >> naso just finished a few minutes ago. he is expected to continue monday. >> one of the bay area's favorite attractions is apparently coming up short on attendance. the exploratorium is going to lay off dozens of workers just four months after moving into its new 3$00 million facility on the waterfront of san francisco. the popular hands on museum will let seasonal workers go and leave vacant position unfilled. >> the skills that people bring
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to here are so unique and they're so uniquely creative that it's really hard to see a lot of those creatives let loose from an institution that has such creativity at its core. >> laid off workers will get the first shot at new openings. santa cruz police cleared out people and a mountain of garbage from a homeless encampment. officers also found a small marijuana grow operation and destroyed the crops. authorities say it was polluting a creek with chemicals which flow into the san lorenzo river. traffic on the sunol grade is back to normal after a mail truck overturned shutting down northbound lanes for hours. the postal service big rig dumped its load of some 30 tons of mail. the driver says road debris damage his brakes and he lowest
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control of therig. he was unhurt. for the 8th time in a turf war over bay area soccer fields square off in court. environmentalists to trying to stop plans to put artificial grass and lights at the beach chalet field at golden gate park. they lost the battle 7 times in 7 years. the arguments were heard again today in superior court. the judge has 90 days to make a decision. certainly you can't miss the warnings as you drive bay area freeways these days. those highway signs telling people to the bay bridge will completely close wednesday august 28 at 8 p.m. it will be closed for five days while crews prepare for the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we'll be following the preparations for opening day which is just 17 days from now. among the jobs to complete in five days, they have to demolish part of the old bridge, realign the roadway, and stripe the lanes. keep it right here on kpix 5 and we'll keep you posted on the progress. a fumble nearing the goal line. why joe montana will have to wait a little longer for his
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pet project next to the 49ers new stadium. >> you may want to check your chips as you watch the 9ers game. the unwelcome surprise a consumerwatch viewer pulled out of a bag. >> it is a pick your climate kind of friday. 70s in hayward near the water, 87 san rafael, 90s in concord and ukiah. but there's a change coming and there is a chance of thunderstorms in the seven-day forecast. find out when next. >> i'm dennis o'donnell at arrowhead stadium in kansas city. alex smith will face his former teammates for the first time tonight. what does alex and what do the 49ers think? coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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to watch from the sidelines. >> when the new 49ers stadium opens next fall, former quarterback joe montana is going to have to watch from the sidelines at least as far as his business project. the hall of famer's hotel project just across the street has been delayed. montana and his partners including former team owner eddie debartolo, jr., haven't
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reached a deal yet with the city on purchasing the property. they are hoping to open now in time for "super bowl l." that will be played at levi stadium in 2016. well, getting ready to watch the 49ers game? i know a lot of you are. our sue kwon is too. on the consumerwatch, sue has the story of a consumer complaint that started with a bag of chips. >> reporter: it started with a bag of chips just like this. while i get this spread all ready for the newsroom here, the story of how a sunnyvale man found a foreign object in a bag of tortilla chips. >> i reached in and i grabbed something. i thought there was a bunch of chips together and then i pulled this out. >> reporter: a 2" by 3" piece of blue plastic with holes on one end. >> how did something like this get through this bag and come into a consumer's hands? >> reporter: good question. so young called consumerwatch and the 800 number on the side of the bag. frito-lay the maker of the chips assured us they would investigate if young sent in
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the plastic piece. a few days la -- >> they did say it came off the assembly line. >> reporter: a quick resolution that came with a gesture of goodwill, a big box of chips and $75 worth of gift certificates. frito-lay doesn't stay how the machine part fell off in the factory but consumerwatch researched it and found what happened here is rare. but it's not rare to complain and get free stuff. companies don't want to lose loyal customers with valid complaints. >> please accept the enclosed gift box with any inconvenience you may have experienced. >> reporter: false claims can get you sued. california law allows manufacturers and restaurants to sue unscrupulous consumers. as for the bill, he just wanted to make sure the problem was solved and no one bit into any plastic parts. now, if you have a consumer complaint, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. all right, folks. almost football time. want to give you the forecast for the weekend and beyond. we have a thunderstorm chance coming up. live temperatures outside right
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now sunny in san jose. 81 for you. santa rosa 89. consumer report and livermore in the 90s. san francisco much chillier at 65. doppler radar is dry for the weekend. see that low pressure to the north and west? that will get its act together and as soon as sunday night it is going to be sitting off the northern california coastline. what this will do because it's cut off from the main flow. jet stream, it's going to sit, spin and feed in some humid and unstable air, unstable enough and close enough to us that we have a chance for thunderstorms monday morning all the way through wednesday evening. it will feel more sticky, has been for the past couple of days. will continue to. so humidity going up and a rain chance beginning monday morning with scattered thunderstorms. livermore tomorrow beautiful 89 to start off your weekend. fremont you'll hit 74. santa clara, san jose, right around 80. close to 90 for pleasant hill, concord, san ramon and pleasanton and livermore. in the city, beautiful day, 67. 68 for sausalito. and we're looking at highs in the mid-90s away from the
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water. extended forecast, cloudier monday through wednesday with a slight chance of thunderstorms for the first half of next week. >> that's unbelievable. >> i know. >> rare for august, yes. >> thanks, paul. all right. we are getting ready for the game and center stage. >> jim harbaugh did say we are to see more of the starters. we know alex smith will play half a game. "49er preview" is coming up. we are getting you set for the game coming up next. ,,
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a smith who will face his forr team tonight.. arrowhead stadium in kansas city. the home of the chiefs since 1972 and now it's the home of alex smith, who will face his former team tonight. hello, everybody. welcome to "49er preview." i'm kim coyle. we are about 15 minutes away from kickoff in kansas city. let's go out to the broadcast booth where dennis o'donnell and tim ryan are getting ready to call the game. dennis? >> reporter: thank you, kim. the story line in san francisco and kansas city as you said has been alex smith all week long. but this is not the first time san francisco fans have seen their quarterback come to kansas city. >> our team not a trusted agent
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anymore. >> reporter: alex smith is now a trusted agent of the chiefs becoming the fourth 49er quarterback to go from san francisco to a starter in kansas. >> it's big for two guys, joe montana and steve young. >> reporter: 1994, the 38-year- old joe montana proved he still has gas left in the tank throwing two touchdowns and beating the 49ers 24-17. >> touchdown, valerio! >> reporter: like montana, alex smith wants to prove his doubters wrong telling the "new york times" that he wants to, quote, stick it to everybody who thought we couldn't do it. was he talking about the 49? >> no. it was not directed at them at all. i think just in general, i think just over the years some things you go through, doubters, things like that, it builds up. those guys gave me an opportunity, given me a couple of opportunities over the last couple of years. we disagreed what happened when last year, but you move on from it. so no, it was not solely directed at them at all. >> reporter: as for his old teammates? >> we never got a chance to
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hit him. this time we can. so , you know, we're looking forward to it. >> hope we smack him up. he don't play for our team anymore. we are still friends off the field but when we play each other, i don't root for him to do well. >> reporter: you spoke with alex before game. a little butterflies or is it just another preseason game? >> i think it's just another preseason game. i did ask him how it will feel about the team that drafted you number one eight years. he said it would be weird at first but at the end of the day it's just a preseason game. if it was real football the stakes would be higher and he would feel different. i think he will play well. >> reporter: tim ryan, i think the 49ers fans will see more of smith than expected initially. how long do you think he will play? >> half. i really do. we have seen that here in this trend in week 2 of the preseason. i think again i think he is going to play well. there's a lot of concepts in this andy reed west coast offense that are simple floor what greg roman likes to run
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offensively so especially in the short intermediate passing game i would expect him to have success. >> big battles in the 49ers that continues through the next three games now and especially the backup quarterback. colin is fine. what about the backup? >> that's a huge question mark. there's no doubt when they traded alex smith away to the chiefs the quarterback position without question got weaker. so i think scott showed us last week he has a handle and command of this offense he knows where he is going with the ball. the interception was not his fault. the receiver ran the wrong route. we'll see him tonight and colt mccoy, i think the jury is still out. he wasn't good last week a 22 rating. now to his defense he had constant pressure in his face in those 7 pass attempts that he threw. tonight if it were me to get a fair evaluation of mccoy i would get him in behind the offensive line. sometimes in the first past see how he reacts. >> kim we probably went over in time. he thought he was doing his
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show. >> sorry. >> let's go back to san francisco. the 49ers and the chiefs, coming up. kim? >> no problem. great stuff, guys. looking forward to the broadcast. >> forbes released a list of the league's most valuable franchises. the cowboys were number one valued at $2.3 billion. the 49ers ranked tenth. noon of the league's 32 -- nine of the league's 32 teams were valued under $1 billion. the raiders at a bargain $825 million. the 49ers have certainly taken stock in their secondary ticket safety eric reed. vern glenn on the rookie who jim harbaugh had his eye on long before he became head coach. >> it's not that bad actually. i'm from louisiana so i'm used to the hot, humid sun beating down camps. >> reporter: the 49ers are hoping first round pick eric reid can handle the heat, handle the spotlight and
4:50 pm
replace desean goldson at safety. >> the body rocker. >> just to see him be able to make some plays out here has kind of big, you know, rewarding because he has been put into a position where he has a chance to take over for a really good safety. >> reporter: reid nearly ended up in the bay area four years earlier when jim harbaugh, who was then the head coach at stanford, did his best to convince reid to play for the cardinal. >> we really connected, talked through the whole process, and this timer rick had no choice in the matter. >> i wasn't recruited very hard by many schools because they knew that i was born and raised in louisiana that i was most likely going to go to lsu. he was the only other school outside of lsu that recruited me. that's something i'll be able to say the rest of my life an ivy league school that coach harbaugh had an interest in me. >> reporter: he would have fit in. he had a 4.6 gpa in his senior year of high school and his notetaking skills have already
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made a huge impression on fellow safety donte whitner a former first round pick himself who likes what he sees with reid in the classroom and on the field. >> it's been a first round pick always asking questions, you know, when the coaching staff get on him for doing something wrong or another player get on him never any back talk or any lash back. so, you know, he is going to be a really good player in the national football league. >> reid is one of four players competing for that free safety position. still to come, he is a three-time pro bowler and hasn't taken an offensive snap since 2011. but kasim is turning heads as wide receiver. we'll introduce you to him next. ,, ,,,,
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ñáçwçñ i have no idea whats's going on. maybe you're the original really big chicken combo, with curly fries and a drink for just $3.99. why the cowboy hat? you're the barbecue chicken combo with two chicken patties, bacon, cheese, and barbecue sauce. you also come with curly fries and a drink for $3.99. bubbles! i have no idea what's going on. just go with it. this director's a genius. franchise's all time rushing leader did not play against broncos, but it looks like me action tonight. frank gore warning up on the field in kansas city. the franchise's all time leading rusher didn't play against the broncos but it looks like he may see some
4:54 pm
action tonight. college football news. head coach of cal sonny dykes named gough as the starting quarterback. the bears open the season august 31 against northwestern at memorial stadium. >> the sillies have fired manager charlie manuel today and replaced him with third base coach sandberg. manual led the phillies to five straight play-offs winning the world series in 2009. they are fourth place in the n.l. east. the a's open a three-game series tonight with the indians. they are a game and a half behind the rangers who play the mariners in arlington this weekend. it's been a while since anyone heard from daly city fighter ana julaton. after a year she is back. she will fight salina salivar tomorrow night in mexico. the bout is an audition for a chance to fight on showtime. it's a goal that would help put
4:55 pm
women's boxing in the spotlight. >> it's all about getting respect for the efforts that i do to be able to have the message that i have and have people just, you know, support it and to have things like this where there may be an opportunity to be on a major network platform and just being able to just break the doors open just kind of revolutionize how the sport is now. >> kassim osgood is trying to revolutionize the 49ers special teams unit but it's at the wide receiver position where the veteran is turning heads even though he hasn't taken an offensive snap since 2011. here's dennis o'donnell. >> just want it to let them know it wasn't a spot wasted on the roster. >> reporter: kassim osgood might not catch a ton of passes this season but the 49ers version of the swiss arm knife has been to three pro boles making tackles on special teams. >> from the day he got here his
4:56 pm
spiral notebook was filled with information picking up the system well. >> most people will tell you at the beginning of your career you won't make it to the nfl you should give up and be a doctor or lawyer or something. yes, if you have faith in yourself and if you have faith in god you can accomplish anything. >> reporter: anything includes acting. the north salinas high school grad earned a role in the cbs show jericho. >> i was in the kingdom with jamie foxx. they filled the role. so they got me in something else. so what would you think about jericoh? if i can do it i'll do it. >> reporter: if acting doesn't pan out, he has turned himself into a food critic reviewing the cuisine in the 49ers cafeteria. it might not be the french laundry but his instagram followers don't seem to care. >> the big cajun turkey legs.
4:57 pm
i felt like i was at carnival with the turkey leg. they put so much time and effort into how they present the food. they have made-to-order chicken wraps and big hamburgers, steaks are huge, i mean, i don't think anybody in there is displeased with the food. >> he is right. the food is good. >> have you sampled it? >> maybe a little bit. i had to. >> awesome. >> captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,
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